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History of Psychometric Testing in South Africa

It is quite possible that psychometric instruments arrived in South Africa with many of the British settlers in 1820, when they brought brass instruments from the Brass Instruments era with them from Europe. What is certain however, is that the first paper and pencil assessment used in South Africa was the Leipoldt-Moll Scale. The Leipoldt-Moll […]

History Of Intelligence Testing

Intelligence: Probably the most controversial of psychological constructs. Many wonderful and more awful things have been done in the name of intelligence. So, why do we still hang on to it? Well, it happens to be a very useful construct, and the measures thereof are highly entrenched in neuropsychology, prediction of job performance and other […]

History of Personality Assessments in the Workplace

Do you ever get asked: “Why personality?” Surely cognitive ability, experience and formal qualifications are enough to ensure good performance and appropriate fit to the job? The reality is that within the context of an ever-changing workplace characterised by unrelenting global competition, technology, virtual teams and continuous change, many people have the qualifications necessary to […]

A brief history of the psychomotor assessment domain

Psychomotor abilities, skills, and constructs are measured for a number of practical purposes, including the understanding of neurological deficits, appropriate perception-stimuli interactions, safety, intelligence,emotional wellbeing and stress tolerance. Today, psychomotor assessments are also used in the field of biofeedback. Psychomotor abilities can be defined as the process of interaction between the perceptual systems (or five […]

Histories Coffee-Table Book

We have created a Histories Coffee-Table book, packed with historical information on the development of Psychology in South-Africa. It is a visual journey through a timeline, from the brass instruments era up to late 20th century. This image gallery highlights some of the book’s content: To order a copy of the book We will only […]

About this project

  The identity of our nation… … is embedded in our historical journey. Similarly, as individuals we find the roots of our identity in our personal histories. Psychology in South Africa has developed an identity through the systematic building of theories, models, insights, experiences and research over many decades. To ignore our past as psychologists […]